Super Elliptical Table

Inspired by Piet Hein

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Super Elliptical Table
The Product The Specs
  • Celebrated design from 1968
  • A unique shape by a revolutionary designer
  • Perfect for kitchen, dining room or lounge
  • Replica of Piet Hein's Super Elliptical

About Super Elliptical Table

With an unmistakable eye-catching silhouette and a truly unique shape indicative of its revolutionary designer, the Super Elliptical Table is a true icon of Mid-Century furniture design.

The story behind the Super Elliptical Table

First displayed at Sergel's square in Stockholm in 1968, it epitomises Piet Hein's simple philosophy, striking a delicate balance between beauty and functionality. Adored by design aficionados for generations, it remains the perfect addition to any kitchen, dining room or lounge, bringing a touch of style and class to even the most minimalist space.

  • Width: 180 cm
  • Height: 75 cm
  • Depth: 120 cm
  • Packaging: 188cm x 128cm x 9cm | 75cm x 25cm x 25cm
  • Packaging weight: 60 kg
  • Boxes: 2
Piet Hein

About The Designer:

Piet Hein

Super Elliptical Table
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A most unlikely designer, Piet Hein was recognised as many things - an inventor, a mathematician, an author, and even a Resistance figure in the Second World War. And yet, some of his award-winning designs are well-known to this day.

Piet’s early life reflected his general brilliance, as he switched effortless between Arts school and a combined degree in philosophy and theoretical physics. His “grooks”, or short poems, became part of Danish life through the 1930s and even into the War.

Among his most recognised achievements was his post-war invention of the superellipse. While it was used to solve a Swedish traffic problem, it was also the basis for one of his most notable designs: the Super Ellipse Table. The superellipse has forever been associated with Hein, even though other designers have borrowed the shape for their own works. However, it was far from his only foray into industrial design, with Hein’s pieces including lamps, vases, chairs and even bowls and plates.

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