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Warm up your home

With the snowfall at your door, there’s nothing like feeling cozy indoors. This winter, make these moments yours by filling your spaces with the latest home decor trends. There’s all sorts of seasonal colours, fabrics and furniture designs to try, letting you create some ambiance as you sit by the fire. Plus, you’ll be adding a hearty dose of warmth and comfort to your home.

Ready to be a good host? Here are the top winter decor trends for your home.

Classy shades of grey

Tired of the same old? Spice things up in your home with all shades of grey. Blend together slate, mink, charcoal and smokey white, creating a fusion of greys to create balance and harmony. You can add these touches through blankets, pillows and rugs-- then to top it off, a grand monochromatic painting to unify all the shades.

As a strong starting point, the Florence Knoll Style Corner Sofa is a tasteful reflection of this color theme. Featuring a lovely pearlish grey shade and a geometric design, it makes a fine piece for the winter season. You can get cozy with your hot chocolate and iPad, and relax in style!

Fur pillows and blankets

Warm and cuddly, fur gives your space those feel-good vibes. Just check out Kourtney Kardashian’s fur covered bed and you’ll get the idea. You can create this inviting atmosphere by embellishing your sofa with furry pillows and blankets. Not only do these touches make your room feel more hospitable, it also adds some rustic, natural textures, lending more richness to an otherwise standard black sofa.

Wherever you’re indoors, bonding with friends or family, you can compliment your fury decor with some seasonal holiday music and wine. Now you've got the spirit!

Phrase pillows

Got something to say? Express yourself through pillows! This season is all about making statements through your home decor. It’s especially welcomed when you’ve got a bad case of the winter blues; these hearty pillows can instantly lift your mood! 

Master this trend by bedecking your chairs with a phrase pillow. However, as a key design rule, go for neutral toned, black or white chairs like the R160 Contour Chair. This choice tends to coordinate well with busily printed pillows, allowing your space to feel more visually integrated.

Festive display pieces

It’s the season to get festive! This year’s decor trends are huge on winter-themed ornaments, a much-needed pleasantry during the colder months. 

Place these decorative pieces over wooden furniture to maintain the theme. The Gueridon tablesets the standard, displaying architectural finesse and modern shapes. It provides

a simple yet elegant surface to lay your festive display piece!

Chunky knit blankets

Everyone loves a homey space. Make your guests feel instantly at ease with chunky knit blankets on your sofas and chairs. You can purchase a plush blanket from a local boutique or embrace your inner grandma (domestic style) by knitting one yourself. If you haven’t already tried your skills at knitting, perhaps you may discover a new pastime activity for winter. 

Blankets can add a cuddly feel to your living room couches like this charming piece by Florence Knoll . Place them at the corners of your couch, in front of the pillows, inviting friends and family to sink into their happy place. 

For the chilly winter months, these snug decor pieces will warm up your space. They’ll help make your home more seasonally friendly, so you can start the season off on the right fuzzy slippered foot. If you haven't already started decorating, put these items on your holiday to-do list.