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The colours of christmas

The Colours of Christmas.

Close your eyes and picture Christmas, the twinkling silver stars dance against the dark sky as a sliver of moonlight falls on the crisp, snow covered ground. Green holly wreaths, dotted with blood red berries at every door, inviting you to enter and make merry. Inside it’s warm and cosy, the golden glow from the fire willing you to sit and warm your cold hands. Welcome to Christmas, where traditional colours conjure up a picture of seasonal charm that’s enough to make you holler “Ho Ho Ho,” at the top of your voice!

Looking to make your home more festive this season? Here are our top tips for adding these joyful colours to your interior design during the festive season and all year around!

Rich Red.

The colour red has long-since had a close relationship with Christmas and has meaningful connotations that extend much further than the shade of Rudolph’s nose.

Back in the middle ages, Europeans staged Paradise Plays that depicted Adam and Eve. It is thought that red represented the apples on the tree of paradise and signified the fall of Adam. The red berries of holly are also thought to be symbolic, denoting the blood shed by Jesus Christ as he was crucified. But, we also have to give some credit to the big man! Santa Claus has played a huge part in putting red at the top of the Christmas colour list. We can thank St Nicholas for donning the traditional red bishop’s robes that became synonymous with present giving.

Inject the richness of red into your own home, The Arne Jacobsen Swan Sofa offers up flowing curves designed to complement the lines of your body. Choose from premium red leather or the luxury of red cashmere. If it’s good enough for Bond it’s good enough for us – the iconic Swan Sofa appeared alongside Daniel Craig in the Quantum of Solace.

Gorgeous Green.

Evergreen plants such as mistletoe and holly are tough enough to survive a bleak winter, and they also add an interesting splash of colour to a snowy backdrop on a dark evening. Again, the association between Christmas and green harks back to the Middle Ages but this time relates to the fact that the Paradise tree was often depicted as a pine. The Romans and Egyptians can also be thanked for helping green on its way to becoming a traditional colour. Romans swapped evergreen branches as a way on wishing one another good luck for the forthcoming new year and Egyptians often plucked palm branches and used them during winter celebrations.

Today green is still going strong, whether you opt for a synthetic green Christmas tree or prefer the smell of fresh pine needles adorning your lounge. You can add a splash of fresh green to your own home, with the addition of a Verner Panton Flowerpot Table Lamp. It’s small, but vibrant and gives a hefty nod to the heady era of flower power and psychedelic arts.

Glistening Gold.

Who doesn’t love the warmth and sparkle of gorgeous gold? As closely linked to Christmas as mulled wine and roast chestnuts.

The gold star of Bethlehem lit the way for the three wise men, one of which carried gold as his offering. Nowadays gold decorations adorn Christmas trees and the golden flame of the fire or a candle offers a welcome glow on a winter’s eve.

You can add a touch of opulence to your own abode – with the Arne Jacobsen Golden Egg Chair.  Hand-covered in golden Italian leather, with a gold cross base it has a timeless appeal that conveys elegance and style.

Shiny Silver.

The twinkling silver stars fill the dark winter sky and silver bells jingle all the way. Whilst not perhaps considered as warm and cosy as it’s partner gold, silver still shines out as one of our favourite Christmas colours. Unfortunately, silver is also linked to the crucifixion of Christ, with Judas betraying the savior for a mere 30 pieces of silver – but silver also cleansed the refiners fire, so let’s rejoice in the metallic hue and embrace its festive nexus.

The Gino Sarfatti Chandelier 30 Lightbulbs Silver resonates with glitz and style and makes for an impressive focal point. It has a contemporary look but harks back to the classical exquisiteness of a traditional chandelier.

Wistful White.

We often dream of a white Christmas – crisp white snowy landscapes, ideal for cosy sleigh rides and perfect for snowball fights. Then we all troop inside for a hot chocolate, basking in the warmth of the fire and enjoying the soft glow from the twinkling Christmas lights. Along with snow, white also symbolises purity and calm and is often associated with religion - in keeping with this, churches often opt for a white cloth to cover the altar during Christmas services.   

Add a touch of serenity to your dining room, the Tulip Dining Table is a stunning reproduction of Eero Saarinen’s distinctive design. It is tough and hard-wearing, with a stylish and simplistic look.

Christmas In All Its Glory.

Whether you’re a fan of restful white, are drawn to the radiant warmth of red, enjoy the shiny metallic zing of silver or gold or favour the energetic freshness of green, Christmas has the hue for you. Add a touch of festive charm to your home and inject a little seasonal colour, be it a new chair, sofa, lamp or dining table there are plenty of ways to easily bring the colours of Christmas into your home!