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Say hello to spring, inspiration for a fresh new season

Say Hello to Spring - Inspiration for a Fresh New Season.

Freshen up, shed your layers and shake off the winter cosiness that has surrounded you like a thick woolly blanket - Spring is here, and as Robin Williams once said “Spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party!” The season does have a jovial feel, proffering opportunities to throw out the old and embrace all that’s new. Why not extend that energetic Spring-like feeling to your home? Awaken your interiors and welcome this cheery season in.

Go Green

In 2017 “greenery” bagged the top spot as Pantone’s colour of the year and this year it still promises to be popular. You don’t have to paint your entire home, just adding a few key pieces of green furniture (such as funky chairs) or green accessories can revitalise a room.

Invest in one or two houseplants – bringing the outdoors in is a superb way to reinvigorate your space. Trailing plants look fabulous adorning a shelf and striking leafy flora and fauna can add interest to an otherwise dull area of your room.

The Teddy Bear Chair from VOGA, inspired by Hans J. Wegner is comfortable to say the least. Its armrests resemble huge bear paws and are ready to provide a comforting embrace. Available in 7 colours (including green), it will be a great addition to your lounge.

Colour Goes Pop.

It’s time to celebrate colour pop. Strong shades of colour that will provide a robust start to Spring. Choose shades that reflect your personal style and compliment your home. You don’t have to embrace the rainbow and go for colour on every wall, but if you are opting for bright try and keep things parred down on the furniture front (simple and sleek works).  

Travel the Globe.

Take inspiration from breath-taking locations, stunning settings, exquisite buildings, historical sites and colourful cultures from all around the world.

Terracotta offers a warm and inviting feel and global-inspired prints can add interest to your room.

Bring back treasured holiday memories by adding elements from your favourite destinations – distinctive Moroccan tiles to add a touch of the exotic to your kitchen and clay pots give warmth to your garden. 

All That Glitters.

Last year it was all about metallics, this year may belong to gold. Opulent, decadent and oozing elegance, gold is perfect if you want to add a touch of class. Pair golden accessories such as mirrors and lamps with the earthiness of wooden furniture. Add dark walls if you want to go for all out drama that really stand out.  

We like the Magistretti Atollo Lamp GOLD from VOGA. Inspired by Vico Magistretti this lamp showcases retro glam at its best.

Let VOGA Inspire Your Spring Style.

Here at VOGA we like to embrace the arrival of a new season. Come and take a look at our beautiful mid-century and Scandinavian inspired furniture, with a focus on designers from around the world. We have stylish interiors to suit every taste, and we’re sure you will find complementary pieces that will bring out the best in your home.

Spring is in the air – enjoy it with VOGA.