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Naughty or nice list

Have you been naughty or nice? Let your home decor do the talking with this season’s epic holiday trend! Harnessing these two design opposites, pure and edgy, designers are finding tons of clever ways to integrate this dual theme. You can get super imaginative with this concept, combining darks and lights or fluffy textures with fierce ones. It’s all about filling your space with that unexpected twist of angelic and devilish touches. To start gathering design ideas, here’s some concepts you might want to try.

Red on white

Red is sexy, white is pure. When mixing the two, it’s visually provocative! The combination offers a clean, modernist look, letting the reds work as pops of colour against white to create multiple areas of interest. 



You can create this theme with the Eames chair in red and introduce contrast with a refined white furniture piece like the Eames DSW table. The stark saturation of the red hue bounces brightly off areas such as white walls or furniture.  It’s bold yet reserved, loud yet quiet-- its the naughty-nice combo at its finest!

Black on white

Black and white never goes out of style. Notoriously known as the colors of good and evil, you can bring both these nuances to life in your space. As a starting point, the Laccio coffee table is a brilliant way to incorporate white, offering a soft look with its sensual lines and polished surface.

Then, you’ll add some depth and solitary to the room with the elegant black barcelona sofa. Created from dozens of precision-stitched squares of leather, this piece evokes strength and lushness-- a clever opposite for the white coffee table.

 Soft meets sleek

Cozy furniture meets its match with shiny, sleek designs. Bringing angelic softness and edgy high-shine surfaces together, this theme brings a whole new level of “naughty and nice” to your space.


The featherston sofa features a cashmere-like texture that serenades your room with a light feel. For its rival complement, the Eames rocking chair is made with sleek fibreglass and plastic, creating a strong standout statement.

Sweet meets saucy

Let your room speak volumes with opposite attitudes. Channeling the sweetness of the angel and the sauciness of the devil, designers are pairing furniture with opposite shapes: elegant and wild.  

You can create this unpredictable aura by bringing together the Swan chair and the George Nelson side table. Starting with the saucy side, the Swan Chair has enticing contours, while its sweet opposite is the cute white coffee table. It’s all about having two moods in one setting-- a sassy-sweetheart vibe, shall we say?

Light and dark-- good and evil

This Christmas, designers are loving the light and dark theme. Abandoning the mid-tone colors, the idea is to create bold contrast by pairing extreme lights with extreme darks. Are you daring enough to try it?

This black AJ floor lamp offers a strong starting point for your dark and light concept. It’s funky yet modern, designed with sharp shapes and angles to stand prestigiously against cream or white walls. This approach to decor creates a dynamic energy in the room-- a touch of goodness with some sinfully artful accents.

It’s a good thing Santa’s not putting your home decor choices on his naughty or nice list. Visit the Voga furniture store to start planning ideas to unfold this Christmas myth in your space.