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Time to make those new year’s resolutions

It’s that time again folks, time to decide on your goals for the coming year. New Year brings with it opportunities for growth, change and re-invention and as the clock strikes twelve you can look forward to a brand-new year.

Feel and Look Better.

Christmas and over-indulgence traditionally go hand-in-hand, so January heralds the perfect time to think long and hard about your fitness and well-being. Looking to tone up or shed a few pounds? Then set your goals and get going.

You don’t need an expensive gym membership and you don’t even need a whole load of spare time (so stop making excuses)! Take a look at your current lifestyle and see if you can make healthier choices. Leave the car at home and walk, grab the bike from the back of your garage and head out with friends for a ride. Dance around the house, take the stairs instead of the lift – all small changes that can make a difference. Try and cook more too, ready meals may be convenient but you can’t beat home-made meals cooked from fresh, seasonal ingredients

(cheaper and healthier). Resolve to get the family round the table (check out the Tulip Style Oval Dining Table from VOGA). Inspired by Eero Saarinen, this sleek, modern table will allow you to sit down with your nearest and dearest and share conversation and a wholesome family feast.

Make More Time for the Important Things in Life.

What’s important to you? Spending time with family and friends? Having some quiet time to yourself? Indulging in your favorite hobby? Consider how you can spend your time wisely and use more of it for the things you love. This might mean ditching the rota now and again and going a little off-piste? Why not? The odd spur of the moment event is great and keeps life interesting. If it’s a nice day round up your family and head for an impromptu picnic (everyone brings something tasty to eat) or how about a zany winter BBQ. It might be cold outside but that’s what coats and hats are for! Wrap up warm go for a wintry hike, then bring everyone back to yours for drinks by the fire-pit and a BBQ feast.  

Experience New Things.  

New Year is all about bringing out the old and ringing in the new. Promise yourself that you will embrace the new with open arms in January. We live in a big world, there’s an enormous planet to explore, so if you spend your time walking in the same park, eating at the same restaurant or visiting the same holiday hot spot it could be time for a change. Shake up your routine too, if you usually stay in and watch a movie on a Friday night change it up and have a board game challenge night or invite friends over, pull up a chair and have a good catch-up. The R160 Contour Chair from VOGA will add style to your room. Upholstered in soft cashmere and available in several colors your guests will be happy to take a seat!

Embrace the New Year VOGA style.

Here at VOGA, we believe in making the most of your home and want to inspire you! Come and take a look at our beautiful mid-century and Scandinavian inspired furniture, with a focus on designers such as Charles Eames, Arne Jacobsen and many more. Make it your New Years resolution to check out our stylish interiors (that will suit every taste) and complementary pieces that will bring out the best in your home.

Happy New Year From VOGA.