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It's been a long winter.

We are just coming towards the end of the coldest season of the year. Winter - a time for wrapping up against the elements, tucking into comfort food and getting cosy by the fire with a steaming mug of cocoa and a page-turning blockbuster.

Winter is known for being the season of dormancy, some plants stop growing (hiding away from the harsh climate), some eject their seeds and simply die. Many animals become dormant too -preferring to hibernate and wait it out in their comfortable dens until better weather comes along.

Humans don’t always fare any better! We don’t take to our beds for a few months (although it’s tempting when it’s cold outside and the alarm clock rudely awakens you). However, we do have a tendency to inertia, closing the blinds earlier and seeking solace in box-sets and slow-cooked casseroles.

It’s Time to Embrace Spring.

Switch off the electric blanket, swap the stew for a rainbow salad, dare I say it, even be brave enough to swap your woolly sweater for a cute T-Shirt (or at least box up the bobble hat and scarf and stash it in the back of your wardrobe). Spring is en-route and, like a butterfly emerging from it’s well-worn chrysalis, it’s time to see the world in a new light. There’s something about Spring that makes you feel like anything is possible. It makes you want to clean your house from top to toe, go running (in search of that elusive “beach bod,”) and make changes for the better.

A Change Is as Good as A Rest.

Keeping things the same can be a safe bet, but where’s the fun in that? Change is key if you want to make improvements. Shaking things up in your life (from your personal circumstances to your career and home) can invigorate you and make you feel alive. We are not advocating chucking in your successful job, saying adios to your family and heading off to a remote island with nothing more than a backpack and a camera for company. Let’s not get carried away! Best to start small and make simple changes that can really have a positive impact on your life.

Simple Swaps.

Redecorate your lounge or a room in your home that you spend a lot of time in. Invest in a stunning sofa for two so you can enjoy the company of your other half in comfort (and in close quarters)! The Borge Morgensen inspired two-Seater Sofa from VOGA is the perfect addition to your living room. Built for style and comfort, and made from premium leather the sofa is available in numerous colours to suit your tastes.

Perhaps your bedroom isn’t particularly restful or relaxing, sleep is your friend and getting a decent night of shut eye will prepare you for the busy day ahead. Banish harsh lighting and instead go for something subtler. The Vico Magistretti Atollo Table Lamp from VOGA combines style with functionality and will look perfect perched on your bedside table.

VOGA style.

Here at VOGA we can’t wait to greet the new season. Come and take a look at our beautiful mid-century and Scandinavian inspired furniture, with a focus on designers such as Charles Eames, Arne Jacobsen and many more. With stylish interiors to suit every taste, you will be sure to find complementary pieces that will bring out the best in your home.

Spring into spring with VOGA.