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Goodbye christmas, hello january sales.

Ripped wrapping paper lies discarded, the turkey has been stripped to it’s bare bones and you’ve had your fill of Christmas specials on TV. What you need is a change of scene. New Year is fast approaching and brings with it the perfect excuse to throw out the old and bring in the new.  Give your home a new lease of life with a few stylish key pieces that will really add the wow factor. Don’t have tons of money to spare after the festive season? Well you’re not on your own, Christmas is fun, but costly!

However, if you want to shop without blowing your budget you’ve picked the right time. Traditionally January is the month when shops and stores far and wide throw open their doors and host huge sales.

Let’s grab a bag and head off to explore the good old January Sales around the globe:


Italy and style go hand and hand, so you would expect to pay a premium to precure the chic, sophisticated goods on offer. But, like the rest of us, the Italians love a bargain! So, if you fancy something voguish then you need to be ready to go shopping on the first weekend in January. The sales typically last for around six weeks, but the best of the best will be snapped up very quickly.


Fashion and design destination "par excellence", France has a lot to offer shoppers. But the French are quite strict about their sales - they are only held twice a year (January being one such time) and can last no longer than six weeks. It’s even more stringent in Paris where sales go on for just four weeks. Grab the best bargains at the start of the sale (typically things kick off the first Wednesday in January).


Traditionally there are two big sales in Germany - the Sommer-Schlussverkauf (summer closeout sale) and the Winter-Schlussverkauf (winter closeout sale). In the past these two sales were the only ones allowed to happen, but the law has since been relaxed.

Now you are likely to find sales whenever stores choose to offer them. However, people still like the idea of finding a bargain post-Christmas, so the concept of Winter-Schlussverkauf remains very popular.

Historically January sales began on the last Monday in January and lasted for 12 days, but now it’s common place for some stores to offer goods at a reduced price straight after Christmas and throughout January.


Looking for a bit of Spanish style? Sales tend to start around the 6th January, but can vary from locality to locality, and typically run from January until early March.

There might be a promotion or two just after Christmas, but its largely better to save your euros for the big January sales.


Shops and stores in the UK love the “golden quarter” of the year (October-December), when consumers traditionally get their wallets out and buy, buy, buy for the festive season. The golden quarter runs straight into another big shopping period – the January sales, in fact the two overlap! More and more retailers are opting to put their goods on sale earlier, so the “January” sale often begins in December!

The Netherlands.

UITVERKOOP, OPRUIMING (translates as "clearance sale"), SOLDEN, or the more well-known SALE – you are likely to see all of these signs in the Netherlands during the two main sale periods – January and July. However, stores can decide for themselves when to host their sale so the date can be changeable and the winter sale can start as early as December.

VOGA style.

Here at VOGA, we like to offer value for money all year round, but right now we are offering something pretty special – 50% off goods across our store. Come and take a look at our beautiful mid-century and Scandinavian inspired furniture, with a focus on designers such as Charles Eames, Arne Jacobsen and many more.

With stylish interiors to suit every taste, you will be sure to find complementary pieces that will bring out the best in your home.

Check out a few of our best sellers, including The Egg Chair (an iconic piece with elegant curves) inspired by Dutch designer Arne Jacobson and the Arco Floor Lamp (a timeless piece which will light up your life and your home), inspired by brothers, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.


Happy New Year and Happy Sale Shopping From VOGA.