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Get ready for christmas

It’s the season of to-do lists.  As any good planner knows, the holidays are all about the gift hunting, planning and decorating— other than family and food, of course. So, with all the shopping and fussing involved, how can you make your party a success without any stress? Fortunately, we’ve compiled the ultimate furniture pieces to get you cozy for Christmas planning.

Present planning

“Work smart, not hard”, said one very wise soul. Basically, if you do things efficiently, planning presents for the holidays doesn’t have to be a headache. In fact, you can finish it all in one evening!

Simply brainstorm all your gift ideas in your notebook or  while you recline back in this comfy Eames Lounger Chair. The plush leather and cushion lets you plan in paradise with your favorite hot beverage by your side-- pumpkin spice latte, anyone? 

Christmas Shopping

There’s no need for busy malls. Thanks to online shopping and the relaxing Eames office Chair, you can find all your gifts without ever having to leave home. The frame features a  classic yet modern look, made from premium wood and upholstered in soft Italian leather. Plus, with its carefully crafted back support, you’ll never complain about doing your online shopping. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is not falling asleep!

Preparing Christmas dinner

And for the grande finale, there's the epic holiday feast. Since you want your guests leaving stuffed and satisfied, you’ll need to plan your recipes and groceries in advance.

Details are key, but so is your kitchen layout. So while you’re garnishing your maple-baked ham or peeling potatoes, you can sit on chic tolix bar stool.

Featured in 9 different colors, this stainless steel stool will make your kitchen toils a whole lot easier. Meanwhile, your family can watch their favorite holiday specials, and indulge in the latest holiday spoil, a Florence Knoll sofa.

Once the timer dings, the first course will be ready, and you’ll fill the air with that familiar home-cooked smell. Ah, the holidays are here!

Enjoy Christmas Movies

Gather around the television from some heart-warming Christmas flicks. Whether you love classic Christmas movies or some new comedic ones, make the experience memorable by sitting back in a stylish womb chair. From its soft, inviting curves to its comfortable cushioning, every detail of this chair welcomes you with open arms. What better way to enjoy the holidays?

A Family Christmas Dinner

Are your perfectionist ways making you crazy? Getting your place party-ready and speck-free is no easy feat. To impress your guests, you can center your dining room table around tulip chairs a trendy yet comfortable upgrade to standard seating. The design of these chairs echo the curves of the human body, letting everyone eat is absolute bliss.

And don’t forget about a center piece! Every grand Christmas dinner should feature some festive art like an ornament jar or decorative bowl. It really helps add that extra boost of holiday cheer to the ambiance.

Put the the jingle back into Christmas planning with our simple steps. You’ll have everything up to par, finishing your household upkeep so you can unravel the red carpet, or more likely, your winter rug, for all your guests. Once your space is ready for hosting, you’ll be thrilled you didn’t stress about the details. It’ll be a merry occasion indeed— cheers to that!