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Cyber monday furniture of the future

Black Friday’s come and gone.

The crowds of shoppers have headed home and store shelves have been emptied.  

So now we look to the future - and Cyber Monday.

Unlike the long history Black Friday’s enjoyed, Cyber Monday is a recent invention of the “digital age”.  A sale day that’s focused squarely on e-commerce and online sales, Cyber Monday is fast becoming a new shopping and cultural phenomenon, with double digit growth every year.

And while Cyber Monday is now a present part of the annual shopping calendar, it was only recently something that people could dream about as part of the future.

How do you see OUR future? Are you looking forward to a minimalist future, with lots of steel, glass and white dominating the style?

Or are you more the sort who’s waiting for the techy, space-age era to fully land? The team here at VOGA are hedging our bets when it comes to the future.  

Maybe it’ll be a minimalist’s dream or maybe we’re going into the ultra-space age.  Either way, we’re sitting pretty, with plenty of Cyber Monday furniture to cover either possibility! And that’s what we’re looking at today: some of our pieces that won’t just last well into the future, but will fit in even better (depending on how the future turns out).

The future will be… spherical

Speaking of our Cyber Monday furniture theme, this chair is a perfect place to start.  Thinking of black-suited men hunting aliens?  You’d be spot on. The Ball Chair is THE chair people think about when it comes to the future, even in the 21st century.

Interestingly enough, it’s far from a modern design.  It was created by Eero Aarnio in the early 1960s but has survived and even thrived in our pop culture for over 50 years. It’s difficult to say why the Ball Chair has become so heavily linked with our idea of the future.

Perhaps it’s the simplicity of the gigantic curve bedecked in a single colour (that’s often a clean white we often associate with a minimalist, sterile future). Perhaps it’s because the chair seems to fit perfectly into the space-age movies we watch. But whatever the reason, the Ball Chair is a must for anyone who wants the future here and now, right in their living room.

Fun fact: The Ball Chair was also used in “Mars Attacks”, another sci-fi flick of interstellar proportions.

The future will be… the final frontier

You’d think if we’re keeping a theme of Cyber Monday furniture being futuristic, then this piece shouldn’t get a look in. But the future can be many things. And in one of the most iconic sci-fi shows of all time, the chair used in our “distant future” looks remarkably like the Tulip Chair.

Of course, no expense was spared building the Starship Enterprise, which also came equipped with matching Tulip TablesYes, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise explored the vastness of space in style.  There was one thing our intrepid crew missed out on: arm support.  Luckily, your future doesn’t have to mirror that: you can enjoy the support and comfort of the Tulip Armchair.

The future will be… a minimalist’s dream

If you’ve seen 2001: A Space Odyssey, you’ve seen an example of a minimalist future people love to picture. Clean lines, steel and glass designs, and an abundance of white or transparent for every interior. But the furniture of the future already sits in many people’s homes today.

Take the Barcelona Coffee Table, for instance.  It was designed almost 90 years ago, but it’s timeless minimalism allows it to fit into a futuristic setting without a second glance.

The PK61 Coffee Table also remains true to the “glass and steel” motif of the Barcelona.  However, this creation adds a touch of artistic funk with the off-square angles of the frame.

The future will be… three-legged?

We asked you what your ideas of the future might be. But the future often ignores obvious choices and throws up the unexpected. So to cover our bases, here’s our “oddball” prediction for the future of interior design: the future may be a craze of tripods.

No, we’re not talking about the well-known children’s story where three-legged aliens subjugate the human race (though it does fit in nicely with our future theme!). Our three-legged future will be far more stylish. But maybe it’s already here? 

For example, the PK9 chair is a superb example of three-legged design. (Note: it’s sometimes nicknamed the Tulip Chair, but shouldn’t be confused with the style already appropriated by our space-faring friends above). While it appears to teeter on its three legs, the PK9 is super stable.  The pronged legs form a strong base on which a soft and sleekly moulded chair sits.

Need some lighting to brighten the room your PK9’s sitting in? Develop your three-legged theme with the Grasshopper Floor Lamp, an ultra-thin but ultra-fashionable accessory that goes in any room.

So - how do YOU see the future?

Did you find some Cyber Monday furniture you’ll be using to furnish your home for the future?