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Black friday: why black is always in fashion

For many, Friday the 13th is a grim day.

And if you go purely by the sound of it, Black Friday would be much the same.

Many people consider Friday the 13th unlucky, where Black Friday is the day to have some luck when you shop for a bargain. 

The day after Thanksgiving in the US, Black Friday has spread across the globe.  While it used to signify a “black” day for employers (as workers would take it off), the “black” today might mean more about the crowds of shoppers.

As the Internet’s grown, Black Friday has grown online with it.  Today you can buy Black Friday white goods, Black Friday fashion and of course, Black Friday furniture - all online.

And speaking of fashion, black’s played a huge hand in its evolution over the centuries.   

  • The pilgrims who made their way to what would become the US in the 1600s are often thought to have only worn black, but this is a popular misconception
  • In Victorian England, mourners wore full black during the “First Mourning” period, then slowly replaced it with other colours as time passed
  • The “Little Black Dress” (or LBD) came into being in the 1920s, with early designs from Coco Chanel herself
  • The punk and goth subcultures subverted black for their own fashion in the 1970s and 80s (and still use it today)

As fashion has changed time and time again, black’s role has too.  But it never lost its importance in shaping fashion.

Just like in fashion, black plays a big role in furniture and interior design.  Often regarded as a sophisticated shade, it’s also flexible in what colours it blends with.  And so, in honour of the colour black (and the upcoming Black Friday furniture sale), we’re going to look at some of our favourite “best in black” pieces.

H3: Charcoal Chairs that Ooze Style

Like black, the Barcelona Chair is a timeless classic that’s been with us for almost 90 years.  Designed for the International Expo (funnily enough in Barcelona, Spain), it was designed for dignitaries to relax in comfort as they opened the Expo ceremonies.  Angled at a recline for a relaxed sit and standing on stylishly curved legs, the plush leather cushions are most popular in black.

Like the corona that flares around a solar eclipse, the oval cushions of the Corona Chair symbolise a different type of darkness.  But their purpose is far from sinister - the ovals were cut separately to save on materials that were scarce in post-World War 2 Europe.  Regardless, the soft, padded spheres give the Corona Chair a unique silhouette and moulded comfort that anyone can enjoy.

With a “melted plastic” figure and a uniform blackness, the Panton Chair may seem like a grim piece of interior design at first.  But there’s nothing dismal about the sleek, smooth shape that’s curved for comfort.  Like the Corona Chair, it’s another 1960s classic - but that’s where the similarity ends.  With a practical aesthetic that’s easy to claim and fits in any room in the house, a black Panton Chair may be your perfect Black Friday prize.

H3: Pitch-Black Pieces to Style Your Home

While you won’t be able to sit on all our Black Friday furniture (at least not without hurting yourself), the Eames House Bird is a sharp, striking decorative piece.  A centrepiece of the Eames household that they collected in one of their many travels, the blackbird sculpture can be seen in many of their photographic works. 

Chairs and centrepieces aside, there are some tables that catch the eye with their ebony layers.  For instance, the Swan Table is an aesthetically simple but stunning coffee table, designed by the Danish master designer Arne Jacobsen.  For those who want their black more modern, angular form, the Gio Ponti Modular Coffee Table is surely a table of choice.

When it comes to lighting, white is often the “go to” colour.  But while white has a minimalistic appeal, its darker counterpart can be just as (if not more) stylish.  And there’s no better example of darkly-decorated interior lighting than the Arne Jacobsen series.  From the ultra-thin stalk of the Floor Lamp to the funnel-shaped figure of the Wall Lamp or its portable Table Lamp cousin, the AJ lighting series offers something for anyone looking for a touch of dark in their lights.

We could go on.  There are literally dozens of perfectly replicated designer furniture in our catalog, in black and a kaleidoscope of other colour.  But we want to finish with a question.

Do you already have some favourite black furniture that’s your “go to” piece?

If you don’t, our Black Friday furniture sale might be the perfect time to get lucky and find your perfect piece at incredible value.