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Are you up for the craic on st patricks day?

Each year, on the 17th March, Ireland traditionally mourns the passing of its much-revered patron – Saint Patrick. Also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick, Saint Patrick’s Day began back in the 17th as a humble day of religious feasting – but now it has progressed into a celebration of epic proportions. Not just big in Ireland, St Patrick’s Day is now celebrated on a global scale. Expect plenty of culture, traditional Irish folk music, song and dance, great food, a lively atmosphere, colourful parades and a few tipples to wash it all down with.

Who Was Saint Patrick?
Let’s travel back in time to the fifth century, here we meet Patrick – a boy born in Roman Briton who was consequently kidnapped and sold into slavery. Not the best start in life, Patrick was taken to Ireland at the tender age of sixteen. He managed to escape but must have had an affinity with the emerald isle, as he returned later in life and began preaching the virtues of Christianity. Legend has it that Patrick used a shamrock to illustrate the Holy Trinity (using the clovers three leaves to represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

Celebrating the Life of An Apostle.
Saint Patrick passed away on March 17th 461 and in Ireland there have been celebrations to mark his death since around the 9th century. However, the first parade to commemorate this important day actually took place in the USA, on 17th March 1762. On this day Irish soldiers trooped through New York - accompanied by rousing music. The soldiers relished the opportunity to feel a kinship with their heritage and past, and no doubt onlookers enjoyed the buzzing atmosphere created by the buoyant military march.

Green Is the Color.
St Patrick’s day is now synonymous with green, but once upon a time the apostle was linked to the color blue. So why did green come into favour? Some feel it may be due Ireland’s iconic green shamrock or because of the country’s nickname, the Emerald Isle. Others believe it’s all down to those pesky Leprechauns – folklore states that if you wore green you would be invisible to leprechauns (therefore avoiding the mischief and mayhem they reputedly dished out).
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VOGA style.
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Wishing all a happy St Patrick’s Day from VOGA.